Leaf Sound Sculpture-Arboreal (Eb) Bb B Db Eb Gb Bb B Eb 2017 Handpan HcT Review

Today I’m happy to do a review for a maker who deserves all love from the community and mine Love of course. A great Brother and an example of life for me His name is Zach. For those of you who do not know Zach he’s the creator of Leaf sound sculpture the famous Pan with the white leaf 😀

What to say, Zach is a master in every sense that manages with his hands and his inventiveness and ingenuity to create delicate sound, perfect instruments with a sweet sound. His technique of construction and the research of materials make him one of the extremely competent handpan makers in the world.

The pan that I present today is made with Classic DC04 ( no stainless steel) but it have an unexpected and new surprise on the GU side.
But first I would like to tell you the funny story of why Zach created this Pan with an IMPEDANCE SUPPRESSOR made in Aluminum in the GU.

It all started with a review I did about a year and a half ago in USA of a HALO Arboreal (Eb) Bb B Db Eb Gb Bb B Eb. As many will know this scale on classical measures is impossible to achieve. The impedances would be too dominant and the instrument would be dirty and full of flaws but the Halo tried was sublime and pure perfect sound.


After zach saw my video he fell in love with the scale and he started to studying how to cut impedances on Eb Bb and do it on regular size handpan .. From Here is his impedance suppressor born.

Part take from Zach.:
Impedance suppressor
With this simple object it will redirect the sound waves and reflect on themselves, it also reduces the bandpass inside the body itself creating a solid free environment for the notes to sing/breathe. This has shown to work best with a not so resonant material to refuse further complications with the helmholz.

I was pleasantly surprised to play this instrument and have almost the same feelings as when I tried this scale on a HALO.
I thought it was not possible to play this scale anymore..
Brothers… Incredible cleanliness and clarity that this Leaf has. The dynamics are excellent and it’s easy to get lost in its sweetness harmonics….My gosh i love this scale … NO WAY…
Shaping and construction are maniacally precision and this accessory in the GU makes the instrument really compact but nice sustain at the same time. Hard to describe, just playing it you can understand the incredible research and development work that was done behind this handpan.
Obviously at the end of the review I kept the instrument because I could not let it escape and not keep it forever in my private collection.
Zach Thanks again for everything, I love you and I hope to hugs you soon ! !
More info:  www.leafsoundsculptures.com

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