PanStream (D) A Bb D E F G A C 2018 - HcT Review

Thx to PAnStream – UK.
Hardcase Technologies Handpan Review

Hello everyone pan player and not … 😀 Today I am happy to introduce a maker who would not need any introduction. A true master in the world of steel. Mark Wilson by PanStream has finally emerged from the shell to be reborn as a butterfly full of colors and liveliness. I love this guy… He’s full of Talent and he will show really soon.

The instrument just played here is the result of passion, love and knowledge about Steel and SteelPan and now HandPan. Over then 20 years of experience isn’t possible to buy in 1 day.

From the first moment I open the box and take out of the bag, Evatek of course, 😀 I understood the finest quality respect compared to last year, when I spoke with him at Hangout UK.

Color, touch and external finish are excellent and is also a pleasure for the eyes.

Speaking of the handpan no need to say that buy one and try it in person to believe how it’s amazing.
Clear, well balanced and with a really irrepressible sustain. The harmonics are so sweet that you loose yourself inside like an endless loop.

I can not add anything but my most vivid compliments to Mark for the splendid result obtained. An instrument ready to take the place of the most demanding collections and for the most experienced players. Another merit is the price, only 1350 GBP UK taxes included without Bag and shipping.
Well it’s really an interesting price compared to the quality and manufacture of this instrument.
For the shells they use 1.14mm thick DC04 metal and hydroformed shell from him self i suppose.
Instrument is nitrided and heat treated (baked). i don’t have anymore info from the maker about the treatment.

The scale.. Such easy scale, but so deep and sure from the BEST SELLER scale.
D minor with notes: (D) A Bb D E F G A C – it’s a combination between Mystic and Insen scales.

Anyway i will keep this baby for my private collection because meritate to stay with me now 😀

So, I do not want to bore all of us again with many speeches and i leave with my impro.
I had a lot of fun playing it, thanks again to Mark for making me dream again for 7 min. Wow ..

A special hug to all of you. See you soon for other reviews.

Alessio Hangcare

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Phoenix Handpan Oil Rust Protection- Test and Review.

Phoenix Handpan Oil Rust Protection- Test and Review.

Hi everybody and welcome back to our blog. Today I am going to tell you about a new oil, called Phoenix. This oil is 99% natural and researched for the express purpose to prevent any and all steel pans and handpans from rusting.

I’m happy to write a review about it today because it is an oil made in Italy by personal friends of mine, but obviously i will not be biased because of this, quite the contrary, my tests are always very impartial and don’t know friends nor foes.

That said, i immediately put Phoenix to the task in a comparative test with other products.

  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil
  • Ballistol
  • Froglube
  • and, of course, the new Phoenix oil.

The first quality to appear is its enjoyable scent. It’s not greasy, but more importantly, a very small amount is enough to treat the entire surface of a handpan.

The second positive fact is that the product works also very well in terms of protection and duration on the surface. It enhances the pan with a natural and pleasant shining. It also feels much better than other products.

I tested the product on a non nitrited Meraki shell (Shellopan) and let it sit outside without any cover for 7 days, 4 days of which it was raining and were extremely humid.

The part that had been treated with Phoenix remained unaltered and didn’t develop any rust. Apart from that it remained shiny even after a week of weathering. A truly positive result.

Another positive factor of Phoenix is that it is a product apt to easily remove dirt off the instrument, without having to use any other cleaning products.

A small bottle contains 100ml, the perfect amount for air travel to be packed as carry-on. Nothing more to say, I will surely use only Phoenix in the future, i even took the liberty of offering it in my shop HERE.

Below there are a few pictures of the test carried out in November.

Thank you Alessia and Benny & Phoenix for dedicating Passion, Investment and time to this new things and evolving this world called Handpan….Pantam , Pan ecc.. 😀

Special thx to my brother David Hauser

Big Hug and See you next time…

Alessio Hangcare.

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