Handpan Music Festival - Bremen July 6th to 8th 2018

Hello everybody.

Today a quick post to talk about an interesting event to be held on 6-8 July in Bremen, Germany.

It will be the first organized festival by Baur & Brown on the German soil.

The event that boasts interesting performances on the stage is organized by the company Baur & Brown.

Who will play?

  • David Kuckhermann
  • Alexandre Lora
  • Nadishana
  • Jeremy Nattagh
  • Kabeção

and other incredible players will be featured in this new festival.

What a pity. Maybe I can’t take part to this festival for my busy schedule but I will try to do everything possible to make a jump and see with my own eyes how this festival will be structured and listen again with pleasure unique musicians.

For more info: www.handpanfestival.eu

Here below a leave you a post in German past and copied from their website.

A big hug and see you soon

Alessio Hangcare.

Handpan-Music-Festival 2018

Wann und wo findet das Handpan-Music-Festival statt?

06.-08. Juli 2018 veranstalten wir auf dem Gelände der Handpan-Hersteller Baur&Brown in Emtinghausen nahe Bremen ein Festival rund um die Handpan.


Unser Ticket-Shop ist geöffnet!
Hol’ dir jetzt deine Festival-Karten:

  • Tages-Ticket Freitag (6.7.2018): 25,00 EUR
  • Tages-Ticket Samstag (7.7.2018): 35,00 EUR
  • Tages-Ticket Sonntag (8.7.2018): 25,00 EUR
  • 3-Tages-Ticket (6.-8.7.2018) inkl. Camping: 73,00 EUR

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Infos zum Festival

Wir freuen uns auf eine schöne Zeit mit vielen lieben Menschen und sehr viel schöner Musik!

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