EVATEK FLY 2.0 – PRO series – Medium

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EVATEK FLY PRO – The world’s best-selling Handpan bag: our innovation, your safety.

  • 100% EVA SHELL (rain and waterproof)
  • FLYKIT ABS and Eva material internal capsules (x 2)
  • New Reinforced Waterproof Zip
  • EVARIM Velcro connection (pre-installed)
  • New shoulder straps (with fixed connection)
  • Compatible with handpan
    • EVATEK (max size 58 cm Diameter x 27cm Height)
    • EVATEK + FLY (max size 56.5cm Diameter x 25 Height)
  • New Ergonomic handle connection
  • Pocket Bag and Carabiner included
  • EVARIM kit (Choose your size) *(Optional $35)
  • EVAPAD back support *(Optional $89)
  • RAIN COVER *(Optional $15)

Measures Evatek Fly 2.0 Medium size

Width x Height x Depth
Evatek + Flykit Inside: 57 cm x 57 cm x 26 cm
Evatek Outside: 59.9 cm x 59.9 cm x 30 cm

Weight: 6 kg

In doubt about sizing and measurements? Check your handpan compatibility with our HCT BAG FINDER



EVATEK FLY. Hardcase for any journey 
Stronger with 100% plastic made in Italy. The new way to protect your handpan around the world. Foam included.

High Density Foam + EVARIM
The instrument is completely wrapped without creating any pressure on the tonefields. The new Velcro connection is pre-installed and ready for the new EVARIM protection system. You can add the EVARIM later to accessorise your case or purchase it with your new EVATEK 2.0 PRO.

The best grip ever and new screw system for maximum performance and stability.

The outer pouch, located on each Evatek, has two snap-hooks for quick coupling to connect the two carabiners placed on the bag.

Size: L 60 x H 27 x W 16 cm – Weight: 200gr
100% PL Antibacterial and waterproof.
3 Large pockets + 1 hidden front pocket + 2 side supports in rigid plastic.

2 x carabiners in aluminum, 1 x shoulder strap with quick-release.

Turn your EVATEK into a flight case
100% Hardcase Ready to Fly.
Combination of two Italian Plastic ABS and Eva Material.
Perfect stability and dissipation of external vibrations. Easily installed by hand.

Side reinforced O-Ring.
EPDM Fortified O-RING with high density steel core.
Added rim guard helps to protect the handpan from side impact.
The O-ring hermetically seals the Flykit, making the entire side area extremely resistant to impact.

Additional information
Weight 5,5 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 30 cm

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Select Your Handpan

Acero Handpan, Aciel Handpan, Aciel Handpan (High Shaped), Alma Handpan, Amarel Steel, Anapana Handpan, Angel Handpan, Arcana Handpan, Atlas Handpans, Atom Handpan, Aura Handpan, Auracle Handpans, Axiom Drum, Ayasa, Bali Steel, Bali Steel (Small Size), BalkanPan, Baopan, Battiloro Handpan, Baur Brown, Bells (Bellart) (All gen), BlessPan, BlueSteelHarp ECS (BSP), Boreal (Panacea Sonora), Caisa Drums, Celestial Sound 50cm, CFoulke Handpan, CFoulke Handpan 20” Æther, CFoulke Handpan 21 Æther, Chameleon handpan, Cosmic Pan, Dave’s Island Instruments (Gaia), Dave’s Island Instruments (Ohm), Dave’s Island Instruments (Symph.), David Gonzalez, Db Handpan, Db Handpan (BIG), DD sanatori Handpan, Deepan, Disco Armonico MDR (Big Disco), Disco Armonico MDR (Hangsize), Disco Armonico MDR (Medium Size), Disco Armonico MDR (Small Size), Djangar-Pans, DragonFire, EcoSoundSculpture (2013 to 2015), EcoSoundSculpture (2016), EcoSoundSculpture (Double RU), EcoSoundSculpture (Mirim), Ederod Handpan, Elaia, Eon Handpan, Esapan, Etereo Handpan, Ferafox Acoustics, Ferafox Acoustics (Flat), Gadung Handpan, GoaPan, Godan Handpan, Goonj, Guruz Handpan, Haddock Instruments, Halo AG Altered Geometry Pantheon Steel, Halo All version Pantheon Steel, Hapi Handpan, Harmonic (HS) Sculpture, HarmonicArt, Hasma Handpan, Heliton Estonian, Imago Handpan, IMP Handpan, Infinity Pan, Innersound (from 2012), Innersound (old version), Instruments de l Elf, IO Handpan, Isthmus Instrument, Jan’s Pannen, Jati Pan, Jonathan Heaven, Justin Perkins Handpan, Karumi Steel Handpan, Kauaine Sound Sculptures, Keyra Handpan, Koan Sound Sculpture, Kucpan Handpan, Leaf (Small Size), Leaf Bud, Leaf Bud Small, Leaf Handpan, Live Metal Art, Logan, Luna Handpan, Lupan, Mag Instruments, Makai Instruments, ManaSteel Handpan, Manik Instruments, Mayura, Meraki, Mercury Handpan, Meridian Handpan, Meu Instrument, MeyerPanTam (MPT), Mishte 50 cm, Mishte 53 cm, Mishte HP, MoonPan, MUTA SOUND, Myst Instruments Handpan, Namastè Handpan, Namipan, Nature Pan, Nimbus, Nirvana Handpan, No brand – Ø 54,5/55,5 cm & H 20/22 cm, No brand – Ø 55/57,5 cm & H 22/28,5 cm, No brand – Ø 57/59 cm & H 19/24 cm, No brand – Ø 58/62 cm & H 22/32 cm, Noblet Steel, Node Tone Sphere Handpan, Numen Handpan, Odyssée Handpan, Omana (Roman Reva), Opsilon (Rafael S), Orbi Pan, Oroborus, Ortal Pelleg, Overtone Handpan, OWL-Pan, OWN Handpan, Oximora Instruments, Pampeano disco sonoro, Panacea Sonora, PanAmor, Panart HANG (All gen NO GUBAL), Pancamaleon, Panda sculpture sound, Pandakini, Panormus Drum, Panstream, Panstream big size, Pansula Handpan, PAN_INC Tzevaot instruments, Peter Handpan, Pi Handpan, PlayPan, PSI PAN – ø 56 cm & H 25 cm, Q-Pan, Raga Pan, RAV VAST Drum, Sacred Rhythm Handpan, Samadhisoundscapes Handpan, Saraz 19, Saraz 20, Saraz 21, Sattva Handpan, Satya Sound Sculpture, Sew Handpan, Shakapan Sound Sculpture, Shaktipan Handpan, Shanti Handpans, Shellopan, Sibiria HandPan, Singing Steel Handpan, SND Handpan, SoHung (Pilgrim), SoHung Handpan, SoHung Medium Size, Solos Handpan, Soma sound Sculpture, Sonobe, Sonobe from 2016, Soul Drum Handpan – ø 56 cm & H 25, Soul Pan, Soulshine Sounds, Soundndesign, sOyuz Handpan, Spacedrum 6 notes, Spacedrum 9 notes, Spacedrum Model 60cm 8 Notes, Spacerdrum 13 note, Spb (All gen), Spb (Hight Shape), Spirit Handpan, Steel, Steeltone, Sun Pan, Symphonic Steel, Tala Handpan, TaoPan, Terratonz Handpan, Terrè Handpan, The Nebula Handpan, TIFLIS, Tzevaot, UMO Instrument, Uni Instruments, Veritas Sound Sculptures, Vibe Handpan, Vimana, VISION (Jantya), Xavi Handpan, Xuansound Handpan, Yishama Pantam, YuehLing Handpan, Zambelli, Zen Handpan, Zephyr Handpan, Ziva Handpan

Evarim Selection

Evarim 1cm – Max Handpan Diameter 57cm ($35), Evarim 2cm – Max Handpan Diameter 54cm ($35), Evarim 3cm – Max Handpan Diameter 50cm ($35), NO Evarim

Evapad Selection

NO Evapad, Yes ($89)

Raincover black color

NO Rain Cover, Yes ($15)

Flykit Evatek Large as per the attached PDF. $300 inc. GST

Phoenix Oil 250ml as per the attached PDF. $55 inc. GST


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