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Name: Reo Matsumoto





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Biography: REO MATSUMOTO (January 24, 1988 -) is a Human beat maker, Hand pan player, Vocal Percussionist, Percussionist, alternative music producer based in Wien, Austria and Melbourne, Australia.
He has doing project with Matsumoto Zoku and Artmans, Breath Trio, Humanism. REO MATSUMOTO grew up in Yokohama, Japan. Where he became a Human Beat Maker and Vocal Percussionist. The roots of his music career has had deeply influence by Hip Hop.
At the age of 18 – 22, He has based in Japan, had a solo live concert over 150 times in each year, 1st Prized of Official Japan Beat Box Championship 2011, Vice Champion of many Beat Box Battle, performed in Official World Beat Box Championship 2009, 2012 and London Beat Box Convention 2011 with his beat box group “Humanism”

After moving to Melbourne in 2010, He is re-start a career by street musician and start traveling all over the world. After he has been done 3 years for traveling by street musician, started new Music project called MATSUMOTO ZOKU and Breath Trio.

Matsumoto Zoku has played at OZORA FESTIVAL 4 times, Oregon Eclipse Festival 2017, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Griasdi Hand Pan Festival, Le reve de Aborigine Festival ever since.

since forming Matsumoto Zoku have performed in 14 different countries, covering 41 cities.

He Released official Solo album Journey in 2017 after he has sold over 2000 CDs of demo album Twilight.

MATSUMOTO ZOKU debut album was released in 2014 after their demo TRIBARHYTHM DEMO, sold more than 8000 copies on the street.

In 2015 they released their Ho-High EP. Their follow up ZOKU CAMP DEMO EP was released in 2016 and their new album MATSUMOTO ZOKU 2 released in 2016.

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