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Name: Jeremy Diffey





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Biography: With a music career that has seen him performing on stage, screen and at sea, Jeremy is a truly diverse and in-demand musician.
He has performed on many television shows (including Australia’s Got Talent, The Singing Bee, X Factor and Hey Hey It’s Saturday), as well as in the musical theatre pit, and backing international artists.

Jeremy’s music arrangements can be heard internationally by singers in Las Vegas and at sea, as well as on television programmes in Australia.

With a studio in Melbourne, Jeremy is able to compose, record and arrange for any size project, and has worked on some truly amazing albums!

Jeremy performs on Keilwerth Saxophones, Selmer Clarinets, and Pearl Flutes, and uses Rico Reeds. He also performs on a very new instrument, known as the handpan.

Jeremy is an Akai Pro artist – performing on the Akai EWI4000S. This funky instrument allows him to perform with a hugely varied tonal palette. It can be used in different styles of music – from modern jazz to electro house!

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