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Name: Davide Friello





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Biography: Composer, Handpan musician, percussionist, performer and traveller.

He has an emotional and instinctive connection to the music.

Friello’s music reaches its peak when performed live and that’s where it explodes in all its strengh and softness.

Over the years, he has performed in many Festivals and as a guest of numerous exhibitions including the Handpan Festival France, Piano City 2017 and 2018, World Music Festival and NottiLucente in San Gimignano, Atitlan Festival and the WWW Earth Hour in Guatemala, at the Foyer of the Arcimboldi Theater in Milan, Sala Vanni and RedFeltrinelli in Florence and at the Teatro Convitto Nazionale Cicognini in Prato.

He has three studio self-productions: “”Ritmatika””, “”Violin & Hang”” and “”5 Elements””.

He collaborated, with the track “”Merope””, on “”Room 2401″” album of pianist Giulia Mazzoni produced by Sony Music; the album also features Michael Nyman, one of the greatest exponents of minimalist music.

His compositions can also be found in three compilations and collections: “”Handpan Festival France””, “”Inward Journey”” and “”Neo Composer Piano &”” produced by Maestro Roberto Cacciapaglia.

He also had a Handpan crafting experience in the Meraki Instruments Laboratory, one of the best in the world.

He currently offers workshops about the Handpan.

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