With more than 30000 Evatek’s sold around the world, we are proud to introduce the brand new updated Evatek 2.0, still at the original price!

The internationally best selling Handpan protective carry bag in the world.

Upgraded rainproof zipper and accessory cover zipper.
 New solid metal shoulder strap adjusters.

Internal foam kit included in the stock Evatek gently protects your instrument without creating any pressure on the tone fields. It’s removable and can be interchanged between three different sizes of thickness.

The external carry pouch, standard with all Evatek, is perfect for carrying all your accessories. 
Attached by two aluminium carabiners, it also comes with a quick-release shoulder strap.

EVATEK offers complete protection for your handpan which is compatible for any size instrument.

It’s also 100% waterproof!

The Evatek 2.0 is upgradeable with the new optional* EVARIM. With an easy to attach velcro connection the EVARIM will help protect the rim of your instrument.

How install your EVARIM and upgrade your old Evatek ? Watch the video …


The EVATEK PRO BUNDLE includes the EVARIM and EVAPAD, which adds extra comfort while wearing your EVATEK.


Add extra protection with the FLYKIT which turns your EVATEK into a Flight case. The FLYKIT is a combination of two Plastic ABS moulds and EVA material, creating stronger stability and dissipation of any external vibrations. Easy installation only by hand pressure.

Side reinforcement O-Ring. EPDM Fortified O-RING with high density steel core. Protect the handpan Rim from side impact. The O-ring hermetically seals one part with the other, making the entire side area extremely resistant.


M & L

FLYKIT for Evatek M & L