Are you ready for the Flytek Revolution?

Hi everybody.  I’m really excited to introduce you our new Flytek project, which We have been working hard on for a long time.

After years of research on innovative materials we are honored to have started a collaboration with the company PAUA and to be able to use their innovative patent.

Thanks to our cooperation we found the final solutions for air flights. An innovative and simple idea at the same time. Times of light are awaiting for the handpan players.

We have not just focused on safety, but comfort above all.

After years of festivals and gatherings all over the world, I noticed that several of us have contracted a sort of allergy in traveling with rigid Hardcases or backpacks too heavy, sometimes too protective to be worn in a simple festival.

Here is born the idea, to create a container both ultra-light and ultra-protective to hold an handpan bag, it’s not important whether it’s evatek or soft bag, what counts is that you can also put inside shoes, clothes and everything you need to stay away for several weeks and have only one bag to carry with you with everything you need.

Paua ran to help us, with a very light but protective material perfect for this special use. The 22-30 kg imposed by the airlines will be a child’s play.

We have thought of all those people who have small houses and who never know where to store their bags after traveling. A common problem.

Flytek will be the first Foldable flight case in the world.

Once stored in its special storage bag it will be very easy to place it under the bed or behind a door.

A suitcase containing over 120 liters.

How does Flytek work? Many of you may think too good to be true.

I will not give you all the advances now but I leave you with some basic notions of how the Paua® technology works

We will not reveal everything now, but we will leave you with some basic notions of how Paua® technology works.

1. Impact energy is dispersed and absorbed, both laterally and vertically, throughout the matrix of weaved tapes that comprise the outer skin.

2. Energy is dispersed, absorbed in multiple directions and minimised before reaching the inner foam.

3. Any minimal reverberation not fully absorbed through the outer skin is absorbed by the inner foam.

We would like to tell you about the really positive latest tests carried out a few hours ago.

It is impressive how the instrument is protected even inside a soft bag.

We know the pluses of our Evatek and We were sure it would be a success, but We never would have thought such a success using a soft bag.

Obviously We took the liberty of adding two special memory foam under and above the soft bag and We think this will be a standard that We’ll give as an option for those who want to use flytek with soft bags instead of Evatek.

But this is a topic that We will deal better in the future, now we are only in foreplay, but what We see really like us. 😀

Colours, Timing, Prices?

Colours will be a surprise and We will go out of the usual black HCT color, but remaining in style to our philosophy 😉

For the launch? The production will be reduced to few pieces and maybe it will be open only on order. We’re thinking about it 😀

On the next weeks We’ll release more information about prices, orders and timing.

Dont’ forget: patience is the key to success 😉

No more words now. We leave you to the video that We shot, edited and commented with you today.

A big hug.

Alessio Hangcare.

FLYTEK test with Evatek and Soft Bag inside.

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Phoenix Handpan Oil Rust Protection- Test and Review.

Phoenix Handpan Oil Rust Protection- Test and Review.

Hi everybody and welcome back to our blog. Today I am going to tell you about a new oil, called Phoenix. This oil is 99% natural and researched for the express purpose to prevent any and all steel pans and handpans from rusting.

I’m happy to write a review about it today because it is an oil made in Italy by personal friends of mine, but obviously i will not be biased because of this, quite the contrary, my tests are always very impartial and don’t know friends nor foes.

That said, i immediately put Phoenix to the task in a comparative test with other products.

  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil
  • Ballistol
  • Froglube
  • and, of course, the new Phoenix oil.

The first quality to appear is its enjoyable scent. It’s not greasy, but more importantly, a very small amount is enough to treat the entire surface of a handpan.

The second positive fact is that the product works also very well in terms of protection and duration on the surface. It enhances the pan with a natural and pleasant shining. It also feels much better than other products.

I tested the product on a non nitrited Meraki shell (Shellopan) and let it sit outside without any cover for 7 days, 4 days of which it was raining and were extremely humid.

The part that had been treated with Phoenix remained unaltered and didn’t develop any rust. Apart from that it remained shiny even after a week of weathering. A truly positive result.

Another positive factor of Phoenix is that it is a product apt to easily remove dirt off the instrument, without having to use any other cleaning products.

A small bottle contains 100ml, the perfect amount for air travel to be packed as carry-on. Nothing more to say, I will surely use only Phoenix in the future, i even took the liberty of offering it in my shop HERE.

Below there are a few pictures of the test carried out in November.

Thank you Alessia and Benny & Phoenix for dedicating Passion, Investment and time to this new things and evolving this world called Handpan….Pantam , Pan ecc.. 😀

Special thx to my brother David Hauser

Big Hug and See you next time…

Alessio Hangcare.

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