PanSiam Thailand Handpan Gathering 2019 - The first Handpan TreeHouse Gig

Hello everyone and welcome back to our blog.

Today I want to talk about a Festival that I will not miss at all.

I already bought my tickets since it will be a limited number event in an incredible and unique location of its kind.

This Gig Organized by On solos Ezhan of Echosound Sculpture and other Thai friends promises sparks in all respects of the nature, relax and meditation.

A hotel on a tree will surround this special and exclusive event, as well as having the opportunity to do so many adventures and excursions in the jungle.

This event will be held from January 11th to 13th 2019 in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

For more info visit their FB page:

Some photos of the accommodation, for website visit:

Besides the special location, the timing is perfect too.

The Pansiam will take place exactly 1 week before Panoz in Australia and fly from Thailand to Australia is
much faster and cheaper.

Of course I will take this wonderful opportunity to visit another huge event in a breathtaking location … Australia.

But for now, enjoy some photos taken from the site of the structure.

Do not stop dreaming

Thx again Pansiam.

A big hug.

With some of you we’ll see right there.


Alessio Hangcare


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Privacy policy updated

Dear customer,
We are writing to inform you of an important update to ours privacy policy and cookie policy, which comes into force this month.

The reasons for this updates are as follows:

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will enter into force in the European Union on 25 May 2018. This ordinance harmonizes the various European data protection laws. In this context, companies will receive new regulations on how to inform their customers transparently about their processing of data.

In this context, Hard Case Technologies would like to take the opportunity to make you even more aware of the data we collect during our events and why we do so. We would also like to inform you of your options for protecting your privacy, receiving information about your personal data or managing that data yourself.

Please note: This new Privacy Policy does not mean we are changing your current personal settings or the way we use your data; instead, we are merely informing you about our processing of data.

New Hard Case Technologies Privacy Policy

Hard Case Technologies takes the protection of your personal data very seriously. In collecting and processing your personal data, we – together with our partners and service providers – have always placed the highest demands on compliance with data protection law. We assure you that the protection of your personal data will remain our highest priority in the future.

No action is required on your part, however, we invite you to review our new privacy policy. Of course you have the right to cancel the receipt of our communications at any time.

A big hug

HCT Crew

First Hangout gathering in Naxos, Greece from May 25th to 29th: see you there!

Hello everybody.

I am really excited, I’ll leave tomorrow for Greece.

The first Gig on the beach .. so so curious to seen it and leave feedback soon as possible.

Anyway just to inform all of you that I Will be out of my company from tomorrow May 22nd to May 30th.

I’m really excited also to fly again with my new invention: Flytek (Read here for some previews).

Obviously I will be available to give you all the explanations and fresh indiscretions about the new product coming soon.

Of course for any urgency, please write to and I will reply as soon as possible.

Here all the infos about the incoming GIG in a few days.

Thanks for your patience.

See you in Greece, maybe.

Bless you

Alessio Hangcare

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Handpan Music Festival - Bremen July 6th to 8th 2018

Hello everybody.

Today a quick post to talk about an interesting event to be held on 6-8 July in Bremen, Germany.

It will be the first organized festival by Baur & Brown on the German soil.

The event that boasts interesting performances on the stage is organized by the company Baur & Brown.

Who will play?

  • David Kuckhermann
  • Alexandre Lora
  • Nadishana
  • Jeremy Nattagh
  • Kabeção

and other incredible players will be featured in this new festival.

What a pity. Maybe I can’t take part to this festival for my busy schedule but I will try to do everything possible to make a jump and see with my own eyes how this festival will be structured and listen again with pleasure unique musicians.

For more info:

Here below a leave you a post in German past and copied from their website.

A big hug and see you soon

Alessio Hangcare.

Handpan-Music-Festival 2018

Wann und wo findet das Handpan-Music-Festival statt?

06.-08. Juli 2018 veranstalten wir auf dem Gelände der Handpan-Hersteller Baur&Brown in Emtinghausen nahe Bremen ein Festival rund um die Handpan.


Unser Ticket-Shop ist geöffnet!
Hol’ dir jetzt deine Festival-Karten:

  • Tages-Ticket Freitag (6.7.2018): 25,00 EUR
  • Tages-Ticket Samstag (7.7.2018): 35,00 EUR
  • Tages-Ticket Sonntag (8.7.2018): 25,00 EUR
  • 3-Tages-Ticket (6.-8.7.2018) inkl. Camping: 73,00 EUR

» Hier kannst du deine Tickets ordern! «

Infos zum Festival

Wir freuen uns auf eine schöne Zeit mit vielen lieben Menschen und sehr viel schöner Musik!

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Welcome to the New HCT Website

Dear friends,

we are proud to present the new Hardcase Technologies Website.

A new platform designed for the simplest customer experience.

We have completely redesigned the pages to be more accessible, mobile and tablet friendly.

Enjoy it!

HCT Crew

Phoenix Handpan Oil Rust Protection- Test and Review.

Phoenix Handpan Oil Rust Protection- Test and Review.

Hi everybody and welcome back to our blog. Today I am going to tell you about a new oil, called Phoenix. This oil is 99% natural and researched for the express purpose to prevent any and all steel pans and handpans from rusting.

I’m happy to write a review about it today because it is an oil made in Italy by personal friends of mine, but obviously i will not be biased because of this, quite the contrary, my tests are always very impartial and don’t know friends nor foes.

That said, i immediately put Phoenix to the task in a comparative test with other products.

  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil
  • Ballistol
  • Froglube
  • and, of course, the new Phoenix oil.

The first quality to appear is its enjoyable scent. It’s not greasy, but more importantly, a very small amount is enough to treat the entire surface of a handpan.

The second positive fact is that the product works also very well in terms of protection and duration on the surface. It enhances the pan with a natural and pleasant shining. It also feels much better than other products.

I tested the product on a non nitrited Meraki shell (Shellopan) and let it sit outside without any cover for 7 days, 4 days of which it was raining and were extremely humid.

The part that had been treated with Phoenix remained unaltered and didn’t develop any rust. Apart from that it remained shiny even after a week of weathering. A truly positive result.

Another positive factor of Phoenix is that it is a product apt to easily remove dirt off the instrument, without having to use any other cleaning products.

A small bottle contains 100ml, the perfect amount for air travel to be packed as carry-on. Nothing more to say, I will surely use only Phoenix in the future, i even took the liberty of offering it in my shop HERE.

Below there are a few pictures of the test carried out in November.

Thank you Alessia and Benny & Phoenix for dedicating Passion, Investment and time to this new things and evolving this world called Handpan….Pantam , Pan ecc.. 😀

Special thx to my brother David Hauser

Big Hug and See you next time…

Alessio Hangcare.

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Welcome for Evatek Turtle by Hardcase Technologies

Hello again, everyone. I wanted to thank the entire community for the support that I receive each day. Your enthusiasm constantly pushes me to create something new that can best meet your needs.

I’m really happy to announce the upcoming release of the Evatek Turtle.

Thx Benny for you Lovely Help 😉
Given the experience acquired in recent years, we decided to expand the Evatek collection by offering various accessories.

Today, the new Evatek Turtle reflects our ideas regarding the comfort and the hand-luggage portability needed for air travel by creating a very compact bag, one smaller than the medium-sized Evatek.

Obviously smaller than the medium-sized Evatek, it can carry instruments like the Hang, Bellart, RAV drum, Tankdrum, or any other handpan that is no larger than a Hang or Bellart.

We are also working to make them compatible for larger instruments, with many innovations being planned. We just need you to be patient with us. Trust me; it will be worth your while. 😀

Returning to Evatek Turtle, we have used the same components as Evatek, while improving the quality of small elements. In particular, we have completely changed the design, making it easier to carry on your back and shoulders.

I can assure you that the special memory-foam pads help you to forget that you have more than 10 kg on your back.

The four laces added to the sides make the Evatek Turtle a multifunctional bag, an extra bag to sometimes be used to carry such bulky items as a tent, a sleeping bag, or chairs to campgrounds, as I designed it also with the idea of outdoor activities and excursions.

Although incredibly spacious, the Evatek Turtle is small enough to be carried as hand luggage on board a plane without any problem.

It is my belief that anyone who has a Panart or RAV drum will be on cloud nine.

In fact, I created a special neoprene pocket on the front to safely store the instrument yet still have room for clothes or other items for your trip.

Having enough room to hold both a RAV drum and 3-6 days’ worth of clothes is a miracle come true.

As regards the Panart, Bellart, or similarly sized instruments, the neoprene section remains closed to create an air space between the foam and the notes of the instrument. Or it can be opened and then rolled up. I will soon be posting video tutorials that explain exactly how it works and suggest a few tricks to use it better which will make it last longer.

Both the Evatek New Batch and the Evatek Turtle will be available towards the end of February.

I have to apologize for some production delays that have pushed everything back by a few weeks.