Hello everyone and welcome back to our blog.

Today I want to talk about a Festival that I will not miss at all.

I already bought my tickets since it will be a limited number event in an incredible and unique location of its kind.

This Gig Organized by On solos Ezhan of Echosound Sculpture and other Thai friends promises sparks in all respects of the nature, relax and meditation.

A hotel on a tree will surround this special and exclusive event, as well as having the opportunity to do so many adventures and excursions in the jungle.

This event will be held from January 11th to 13th 2019 in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

For more info visit their FB page: 


Some photos of the accommodation, for website visit:


Besides the special location, the timing is perfect too.

The Pansiam will take place exactly 1 week before Panoz in Australia and fly from Thailand to Australia is
much faster and cheaper.

Of course I will take this wonderful opportunity to visit another huge event in a breathtaking location … Australia.

But for now, enjoy some photos taken from the site of the structure.

Do not stop dreaming

Thx again Pansiam.

A big hug.

With some of you we’ll see right there.


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