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We are writing to inform you of an important update to ours privacy policy and cookie policy, which comes into force this month.

The reasons for this updates are as follows:

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will enter into force in the European Union on 25 May 2018. This ordinance harmonizes the various European data protection laws. In this context, companies will receive new regulations on how to inform their customers transparently about their processing of data.

In this context, Hard Case Technologies would like to take the opportunity to make you even more aware of the data we collect during our events and why we do so. We would also like to inform you of your options for protecting your privacy, receiving information about your personal data or managing that data yourself.

Please note: This new Privacy Policy does not mean we are changing your current personal settings or the way we use your data; instead, we are merely informing you about our processing of data.

New Hard Case Technologies Privacy Policy

Hard Case Technologies takes the protection of your personal data very seriously. In collecting and processing your personal data, we – together with our partners and service providers – have always placed the highest demands on compliance with data protection law. We assure you that the protection of your personal data will remain our highest priority in the future.

No action is required on your part, however, we invite you to review our new privacy policy. Of course you have the right to cancel the receipt of our communications at any time.

A big hug

HCT Crew

First Hangout gathering in Naxos, Greece from May 25th to 29th: see you there!

Hello everybody.

I am really excited, I’ll leave tomorrow for Greece.

The first Gig on the beach .. so so curious to seen it and leave feedback soon as possible.

Anyway just to inform all of you that I Will be out of my company from tomorrow May 22nd to May 30th.

I’m really excited also to fly again with my new invention: Flytek (Read here for some previews).

Obviously I will be available to give you all the explanations and fresh indiscretions about the new product coming soon.

Of course for any urgency, please write to and I will reply as soon as possible.

Here all the infos about the incoming GIG in a few days.

Thanks for your patience.

See you in Greece, maybe.

Bless you

Alessio Hangcare

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Handpan Music Festival - Bremen July 6th to 8th 2018

Hello everybody.

Today a quick post to talk about an interesting event to be held on 6-8 July in Bremen, Germany.

It will be the first organized festival by Baur & Brown on the German soil.

The event that boasts interesting performances on the stage is organized by the company Baur & Brown.

Who will play?

  • David Kuckhermann
  • Alexandre Lora
  • Nadishana
  • Jeremy Nattagh
  • Kabeção

and other incredible players will be featured in this new festival.

What a pity. Maybe I can’t take part to this festival for my busy schedule but I will try to do everything possible to make a jump and see with my own eyes how this festival will be structured and listen again with pleasure unique musicians.

For more info:

Here below a leave you a post in German past and copied from their website.

A big hug and see you soon

Alessio Hangcare.

Handpan-Music-Festival 2018

Wann und wo findet das Handpan-Music-Festival statt?

06.-08. Juli 2018 veranstalten wir auf dem Gelände der Handpan-Hersteller Baur&Brown in Emtinghausen nahe Bremen ein Festival rund um die Handpan.


Unser Ticket-Shop ist geöffnet!
Hol’ dir jetzt deine Festival-Karten:

  • Tages-Ticket Freitag (6.7.2018): 25,00 EUR
  • Tages-Ticket Samstag (7.7.2018): 35,00 EUR
  • Tages-Ticket Sonntag (8.7.2018): 25,00 EUR
  • 3-Tages-Ticket (6.-8.7.2018) inkl. Camping: 73,00 EUR

» Hier kannst du deine Tickets ordern! «

Infos zum Festival

Wir freuen uns auf eine schöne Zeit mit vielen lieben Menschen und sehr viel schöner Musik!

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LUPAN D / A Bb C D E F G A C - Hardcase Technologies Handpan Review

Hello everyone,

and thank you again for being so many to follow my blog.

Today, even though extremely late on the roadmap, I would like to talk to you about a dear friend of mine and of course an excellent maker.

His name is Mark Lupescu and his Brand Name is Lupan.

Currently produces in the smiley and sunny Spain.

What can I say, other amazing handpan tuner talent and what it produces?? I really like it.

I’ve been following Mark for a long time and his instrument has all the characteristics to be part of a collection as varied as mine.

I will not give you too much info, like shell treatments and prices for explicit Mark request but I can only advise all of you to watch the video here below and realize that this handpan it’s full of nuances sweet and charm.

Tones and fundamentals are excellent and I really like how the sound is soft and sweet to the touch and listening. Certainly will not make a bad impression next to the most famous handpans.

I leave you listening the video, so you can make your own personal opinion about it.

Here you can find more info about Lupan.

Big hug

Alessio Hangcare.

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PanStream (D) A Bb D E F G A C 2018 - HcT Review

Thx to PAnStream – UK.
Hardcase Technologies Handpan Review

Hello everyone pan player and not … 😀 Today I am happy to introduce a maker who would not need any introduction. A true master in the world of steel. Mark Wilson by PanStream has finally emerged from the shell to be reborn as a butterfly full of colors and liveliness. I love this guy… He’s full of Talent and he will show really soon.

The instrument just played here is the result of passion, love and knowledge about Steel and SteelPan and now HandPan. Over then 20 years of experience isn’t possible to buy in 1 day.

From the first moment I open the box and take out of the bag, Evatek of course, 😀 I understood the finest quality respect compared to last year, when I spoke with him at Hangout UK.

Color, touch and external finish are excellent and is also a pleasure for the eyes.

Speaking of the handpan no need to say that buy one and try it in person to believe how it’s amazing.
Clear, well balanced and with a really irrepressible sustain. The harmonics are so sweet that you loose yourself inside like an endless loop.

I can not add anything but my most vivid compliments to Mark for the splendid result obtained. An instrument ready to take the place of the most demanding collections and for the most experienced players. Another merit is the price, only 1350 GBP UK taxes included without Bag and shipping.
Well it’s really an interesting price compared to the quality and manufacture of this instrument.
For the shells they use 1.14mm thick DC04 metal and hydroformed shell from him self i suppose.
Instrument is nitrided and heat treated (baked). i don’t have anymore info from the maker about the treatment.

The scale.. Such easy scale, but so deep and sure from the BEST SELLER scale.
D minor with notes: (D) A Bb D E F G A C – it’s a combination between Mystic and Insen scales.

Anyway i will keep this baby for my private collection because meritate to stay with me now 😀

So, I do not want to bore all of us again with many speeches and i leave with my impro.
I had a lot of fun playing it, thanks again to Mark for making me dream again for 7 min. Wow ..

A special hug to all of you. See you soon for other reviews.

Alessio Hangcare

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Are you ready for the Flytek Revolution?

Hi everybody.  I’m really excited to introduce you our new Flytek project, which We have been working hard on for a long time.

After years of research on innovative materials we are honored to have started a collaboration with the company PAUA and to be able to use their innovative patent.

Thanks to our cooperation we found the final solutions for air flights. An innovative and simple idea at the same time. Times of light are awaiting for the handpan players.

We have not just focused on safety, but comfort above all.

After years of festivals and gatherings all over the world, I noticed that several of us have contracted a sort of allergy in traveling with rigid Hardcases or backpacks too heavy, sometimes too protective to be worn in a simple festival.

Here is born the idea, to create a container both ultra-light and ultra-protective to hold an handpan bag, it’s not important whether it’s evatek or soft bag, what counts is that you can also put inside shoes, clothes and everything you need to stay away for several weeks and have only one bag to carry with you with everything you need.

Paua ran to help us, with a very light but protective material perfect for this special use. The 22-30 kg imposed by the airlines will be a child’s play.

We have thought of all those people who have small houses and who never know where to store their bags after traveling. A common problem.

Flytek will be the first Foldable flight case in the world.

Once stored in its special storage bag it will be very easy to place it under the bed or behind a door.

A suitcase containing over 120 liters.

How does Flytek work? Many of you may think too good to be true.

I will not give you all the advances now but I leave you with some basic notions of how the Paua® technology works

We will not reveal everything now, but we will leave you with some basic notions of how Paua® technology works.

1. Impact energy is dispersed and absorbed, both laterally and vertically, throughout the matrix of weaved tapes that comprise the outer skin.

2. Energy is dispersed, absorbed in multiple directions and minimised before reaching the inner foam.

3. Any minimal reverberation not fully absorbed through the outer skin is absorbed by the inner foam.

We would like to tell you about the really positive latest tests carried out a few hours ago.

It is impressive how the instrument is protected even inside a soft bag.

We know the pluses of our Evatek and We were sure it would be a success, but We never would have thought such a success using a soft bag.

Obviously We took the liberty of adding two special memory foam under and above the soft bag and We think this will be a standard that We’ll give as an option for those who want to use flytek with soft bags instead of Evatek.

But this is a topic that We will deal better in the future, now we are only in foreplay, but what We see really like us. 😀

Colours, Timing, Prices?

Colours will be a surprise and We will go out of the usual black HCT color, but remaining in style to our philosophy 😉

For the launch? The production will be reduced to few pieces and maybe it will be open only on order. We’re thinking about it 😀

On the next weeks We’ll release more information about prices, orders and timing.

Dont’ forget: patience is the key to success 😉

No more words now. We leave you to the video that We shot, edited and commented with you today.

A big hug.

Alessio Hangcare.

FLYTEK test with Evatek and Soft Bag inside.

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