PanAmor – F) C C# Eb F G Ab C Eb - Mandala Design 2017 Handpan HcT Review

Hi everybody, and thanks for being closer and closer with the HcT crew family ;-)… Excuse my absence from the blog, but now i have finally returned after numerous commitments and festivals, which have embellished our summer lives, and i’m proud to bring you some fresh news from the world.

Today, i want to tell you about a British couple, lovely and crazy at the same time i would say.

I’m talking about PanAmor F) C C# Eb F G Ab C Eb – Mandala Design 2017 In the video below, i’m playing an integral scale with a beautiful, high quality mandala design on top of it. This instrument was built in August 2017, hence that was built very recently.

At any rate, besides the external beauty of the instrument and the wonderful, slightly iridescent coloring, I am very satisfied with sound.

Crystal clear and neat sound, sweet and sharp harmonics, sum up to an instrument that is pleasant to play for hours on end.

The control and dynamics of PanAmor is definitely to my liking. Easy to play and resistant even to harder and more audacious playing. This instrument is an instrument for everybody. Both seasoned pan players and beginners who are only starting to peak into this world.

And where put this Amazing Mandala? FULL 360° Artist inside this instrument… Congratulation..


Anyway, better say little and play more. I leave you with the video and i catch you again at the next blog entry….. No worries.

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