Hello everybody and welcome back …
Today I’m happy to review the work of a builder who I’m following since he started.

The name of the brand is Meridian, the builder comes from the UK.
He started strong from the very beginning, selling his prototypes at reasonable prices, but what I always liked about him is the passion he dedicates to his craft.

The instrument he kindly sent me for the review is an Annaziska C minor; a classic scale which many of us love.
The first thing to be noticed about this pan is its finishing.

The colour, the brass rim, the ding is so shiny you can mirror yourself in it. All these factors are signs for extreme care and love for the craft. I truly commend
the aesthetic finishing.

The moment I started playing, I liked it right away. It has very smooth
harmonics even if, for my personal taste, they resonate almost too much
at times, but as a whole, the sustain is incredible and for all the fans of long pauses, this pan is a must to have in a collection.

The ding too is really profound and well made and surely for those who love the style of long lasting sounds with lots of pauses, this instrument is an ideal companion for sound meditation.

The tuning is perfect with very little crosstalk. Dynamics are really perfect too, despite its long sustain.

The pan is also beautifully controllable.
All this without even talking about the selling price, which is in the neighborhood of 1150 Pounds corresponding to about 1300,00 EUROS.

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