JAN TAO Hello everybody and welcome back to this highly debated blog … a little bird told me that i’m dictating the market with this blog and i think it’s madness to even think something like this.
I always pointed out that this blog originates from the passion that I have for everything i do and i think this instrument deserves all of my attention, which will remain personal, but expressed publicly.
So, expressing a personal evaluation has become problematic? Do I rule the roost and be damaging or favouring some builders over others? If this is the case, I could stop tomorrow because that would mean that everything i wanted to get across in all these years is completely lost.

I would like to get some feedback regarding this topic, but non on this post… this post is dedicated to Jan TAO … i think  a new revelation in the Pan World…
He works in Germany and is profoundly dedicated to learning every detail of the manufacturing of these instruments. A student of Zach (Leaf Handpan) and others like Jan Borren and many more…
I saw his talent right away from the videos i watched on FB, especially a Kurd 8 made me stop in my mouse and turn up the volume… We got into contact and he unexpectedly sent me the very pan present in this video.
The scale: D A Bb C D E F G A.  At first touch you can tell there is still some work to do. He is a young maker, who is learning but at the same time i could feel an instrument full of life, rich in sound and sweet harmonies.

As you start playing it, it is enjoyable to touch but especially enjoyable to play. It is very warm and profound and it’s obvious that there is a lot of love in what he does. He is serious about it and most of all you can tell his effort to create an instruments in the future worthy of the TOP shelf.

At any rate, speaking with Jan, i understood that he is a person full of passion and the will to leave a mark in the future. Going back to the instrument, also the nitrated finishing is sweet and smooth to the touch, even if personally i would have preferred a less grey look… but looks is the last and least factor i consider.

Its greatest flaw for now is stability. When played strongly the sounds tends to spread and screech a little bit, but nonetheless it has good dynamics and is very pleasant to play.

I spent some time with it and i must say i had a good time playing it in the past few weeks. What to say, i leave you with a couple of videos from the panroom and leave it to you to evaluate this Taopan, a new builder added to this garden of more or less established fantastic builders.

I leave you here telling you for the umpteenth time that everything i write here and in all the other posts are and always will be purely PERSONAL evaluations and I think you should all take my words as a cue for growth and not for judgement.

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