Hello again, everyone. I wanted to thank the entire community for the support that I receive each day. Your enthusiasm constantly pushes me to create something new that can best meet your needs.

I’m really happy to announce the upcoming release of the Evatek Turtle.

Thx Benny for you Lovely Help 😉
Given the experience acquired in recent years, we decided to expand the Evatek collection by offering various accessories.

Today, the new Evatek Turtle reflects our ideas regarding the comfort and the hand-luggage portability needed for air travel by creating a very compact bag, one smaller than the medium-sized Evatek.

Obviously smaller than the medium-sized Evatek, it can carry instruments like the Hang, Bellart, RAV drum, Tankdrum, or any other handpan that is no larger than a Hang or Bellart.

We are also working to make them compatible for larger instruments, with many innovations being planned. We just need you to be patient with us. Trust me; it will be worth your while. 😀

Returning to Evatek Turtle, we have used the same components as Evatek, while improving the quality of small elements. In particular, we have completely changed the design, making it easier to carry on your back and shoulders.

I can assure you that the special memory-foam pads help you to forget that you have more than 10 kg on your back.

The four laces added to the sides make the Evatek Turtle a multifunctional bag, an extra bag to sometimes be used to carry such bulky items as a tent, a sleeping bag, or chairs to campgrounds, as I designed it also with the idea of outdoor activities and excursions.

Although incredibly spacious, the Evatek Turtle is small enough to be carried as hand luggage on board a plane without any problem.

It is my belief that anyone who has a Panart or RAV drum will be on cloud nine.

In fact, I created a special neoprene pocket on the front to safely store the instrument yet still have room for clothes or other items for your trip.

Having enough room to hold both a RAV drum and 3-6 days’ worth of clothes is a miracle come true.

As regards the Panart, Bellart, or similarly sized instruments, the neoprene section remains closed to create an air space between the foam and the notes of the instrument. Or it can be opened and then rolled up. I will soon be posting video tutorials that explain exactly how it works and suggest a few tricks to use it better which will make it last longer.

Both the Evatek New Batch and the Evatek Turtle will be available towards the end of February.

I have to apologize for some production delays that have pushed everything back by a few weeks.