Hello everybody and welcome back to our review appointment.

Once again, today i’m dedicating 5 minutes of my busy life to talk about a personality, who absolutely doesn’t need any introduction or review from me, but it is always a pleasure.

First because we’re friends and second because when you have the chance to get your hands on beauties like this Jan Borren Kurd 17 :-O, it would be stupid to let it slip through.

It all came about through a nice surprise visit by Benny Bettane (thanks brother), who in October came by with a Jan Borren Kurd 17.

A pan that certainly keeps you busy, given all the notes on the bottom… For sure, it is not for rookies and seen that I am a little bit of a rookie, I could try it out only half way through, i.e. I only played the top notes, leaving the bottom side for another recording.

I hope i will be forgiven for that. Anyway, to go back to the review, Jan Borren i think is well known with fame and glory… very young, but with such a genius mind that it’s hard to imagine him being so young.

He is churning out sublime, timeless creations and personally i think of him as an artist and not only a handpan maker. Every time I try out a Jan Pan my jaw drops a little further and, as is the case for very few other builders, i can’t find any flaws in his instruments worth pointing out.. only a lot of beauty and the desire to have one for myself… 😀

What can I tell you my friends… this Kurd too, is marvelous with its unbelievably many notes. The precision is that of a laser surgeon and the harmonics are like high speed bullets. This Kurd 17 is so bright and crystal clear that it pierces your ear (in a good way, obviously).

The dynamic is so enjoyable that you would never want to stop playing it, and whether you play it delicately or heavy-handed, the sound always extends softly and never goes into distortion or dissonance, rather, it creates a magical aura.

Even the crossover audible in the video and in reality at times, makes it incredibly enjoyable and all melts down to full perfection… Also the colour, surface and touch are truly beautiful and very similar to Ayasa instruments. Mamma mia .. I don’t have any other words to describe it…

I can only leave you to the video in the hopes to do it justice as I said above.

A heartfelt hug to all of you .

Good Vibes .. With Love .

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