Hello everybody and welcome back to the HCT blog. Today I would like to tell you about a builder whose work has already been reviewed in my blog some months ago. I decided to make another review of the Yishama, by Yonatan Bar, because it is simply inexplicable that he was able to further improve an already amazing instrument in only 4 months.

Now he made another leap in quality and the things to say are plenty. Obviously there are no words to describe it accurately in its entirety. Maybe, before we try to understand how this instrument is such a beauty, we first have to understand what’s behind this resounding marvel. Yonatan, a guy like us, sweet, affectionate with an innate musical talent. I discovered during my trip in Israel that he is great and talented musician.We talked for a whole evening and the positive energy, which he works into his instruments is tangible… I have no words for the lightness he has towards life and for the passion and professionalism with which he works. So young but so centered inside…. it is rare to find such gifts nowadays.

Be that as it may, going back to the instrument, it is practically impossible to find flaws in this pan. I can only say that it is very close to perfection, but most of all, it is fully in line with my style and the vision I have for this wonderful instrument.

The result?? A pristine pan, brilliant just the right amount, with a honey sweet sound and with hundreds of different harmonic sounds. A pan that, in the hands of professionals, might really take you to the moon and back (no space crafts needed) 😀 What impressed me the most is the range of dynamics, which Yishama bears within. Impressive how you can generate a resounding wave and an indescribable flow. It takes you away and sometimes you feel like the pan is playing by itself.

It’s practically impossible to get bored with the Yishama, and regardless of the new scale, which is truly most beautiful, everything else is balanced to perfection. There is not a single note that is higher or lower than another and the precision when playing is unbelievable.

Right now, Yonatan works with very small lists and is not producing very many instruments each year. This is a good thing, because he dedicates all of his almost maniacal attention to each instrument, which he delivers only personally. Yes, personally. You heard right. He doesn’t ship anywhere, and if you want a Yishama you have to undertake a nice trip to Israel, you have to meet him and enjoy the full experience…. What else to say?… A pan to have in a collection, and now that it is part of mine, I’m truly satisfied.

A special hug to another brother I found outside of time and space…. Thank you Yonatan :-*

P.S More info for Yishama Pantam go here.

A heartfelt hug to everybody around the World.


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