Ayasa E Amara 2017 Gen - Handpan HcT Review

Hello everyone and welcome back to our pan-appointment 😀 Today.

I would like to talk about a builder who actually doesn’t need any further introduction or reviews or anything else because he’s already famous in the handpan world.

I am talking about Ralf”s Ayasa.. Ralf, the BOSS of the the great team behind these wonderful instruments. The Netherlands are his homeland and precision is an integral part of the work style of Ralf and his team.

I haven’t had the opportunity to go and visit him in his workshop, but those who did say that they observed a tidy, professional, organized workplace full of good energy. And i must say, i trust what i have been told after trying out this beauty that I’m finally holding in my hands. Such an instrument cannot be made in just a day and it’s impossible not to notice the patience, the research, the work and the passion that lies behind the Ayasa.

I’m following Ralf since he started making handpans and I can assure any new arrivals to this world, that the improvements he made are incredible. I have been waiting for a long time to have my own Ayasa for my private collection and now i finally have it… 😀

I’m very happy. …and proud to announce that it is (among) the most beautiful instruments i have tried ever since i started playing handpan. It is obviously not the only one but certainly in the top 10 or 5 even. I had tried the same scale, the E Amara in the UK, Ralf’s own, and I could not get it out of my head how pleasant it was to play this instrument.

It is truly perfectly balanced and doesn’t even have the shadow of imperfections or crosstalk. I will never tire to play it. Beyond the tuning of the notes and the harmonics, which are stunning, the color, and the whole look are perfect.

I wouldn’t want anything else from an instrument. It’s touch and surface are so soft, but compact and stable at the same time that it seems like touching silk on a layer of steel….

This time I will have to renounce on being the mean blogger who will always find flaws because there are no flaws… this is resounding Art my dear friends. I feel truly lucky to have this beauty in my collection and thanks again, Ralf, for dedicating time, passion and your exceptional intelligence to the making of these sounding marvels.

I hope to travel to the Netherlands soon because I’m curious to see the Ayasa organization. But enough writing, put on your headphones and loose yourselves for 5 minutes.

For any info about Ayasa please click here. ayasainstruments.com

A heartfelt hug to all of you and Thx to David Hauser for kind help for translation. 😉

Alessio Hangcare.

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