AHHHH no patience to post  the new smaller shell from Meraki.

Welcome Merakini

Of course thx to Shellopan  about explain how to reduce the size from the standard shell and have a small handpan size to easy travel around the world and also give the possibility to explore different scale.. 😉

Merakini Size: 50,5 cm.

Anyway week ago  Jean give me a first experiment with the small size . Scale.. F Pigmy …I did not imagine so much strong and power and clear…. sometime to clear and hight for me… i prefer loud sound but this one is a perfect pan to travel easily but not losing the power and the amazing sustain… wow never tried before such beauty inside small world.. 😀

Treatment i think it’s quite same from my Low pigmy … the color for sure will change on brown like mine … i remember it was same color. Light Gold 🙂 Gold fingers 😀

Anyway it’s a special pan Jeannnn… and the harmonics and tones are soooo clear…anyway  sometime i feel some crossover and talking around..

But NO WORRY…. it’s a first small size from Meraki so .. we have time to stay tuned about him… 😀 and about the Small shell around the world…

I don’t have anymore info but not matter … the best it’s you click Play and Enjoy .

this art work… Thx Jean… Love you for you passion…

Thx … and big Love…

Ciao Alessio

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