Hello everyone and welcome back for the new pan review …

Today I am proud to share with all of us the new sound Gen of dB handpan.

By chance has sent some pan to try them with Evatek and I wondered why I do not make a review ?… I took one of them and surprise I found one of my favorite scale…. AmaraC.

DB handpan New Gen 2016 Amara (C) G Bb C D Eb F G

Trying it I realized improvements on the tunings of the 5th and 8th and in fact the whole pan is much more harmonious. (harmonious)

The ding it’s powerfull  and it’s pleasant to play on with tribal rhythms.

Even the color is improved on brown and no longer has that discolored gray…. Anyway  there is still much work to be done on all shoulder tone on  tuning level too..

The size is slightly larger but mostly little higher and this makes it deeper and more dynamic than ever before. (Same Shellopan size)

Price is really nice…. I think it is around € 900-1000. In fact today it is among the cheapest bread in the marketplace.

I think it’s perfect for all entry level and therefore perfect for getting practice..

Overall I am happy not because the end result is truly impressive compared to the past, but for the fact that even Deris has gone about the direction to improve and starting to work with passion and love.

This is the key to excellent results. 🙂 And I’m really happy for him.

Thank guys…


Alessio Hangcare.

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