Today I received a pleasant visit in our panroom

Jean from Meraki brought me his latest low style creation… Pan with very low and deep intonations. The scale was called A2mara (2016) A E G A B C D E G and practically is an AMARA ESS style, only much lower and deeper and 2 more note  😛

Definitely he brought bread for my teeth, because I love these low configurations. Transport is total and the final sound is still very high so, great for buskers and live exhibitions.

They are handpans almost only for ritual and meditation, because this warm and enveloping sound lends itself to such purposes ..

The dynamics are deadly and the answers are clear and precise. It’s similar to my pigmy although it has much less dynamic, perhaps due to the different geometry used for this LOWA2.

Unfortunately there is not a microphone that can describe the actual sound. Try it personally is the only way to understand that it’s a really beautiful pan.

If I have to find faults, like an art critic, could find them in the upper tiers and the harmonics that are sometimes a little metallic. Obviously, they do not disturb and give a new feature to these wonderful instrument. Here a personal preference takes over, rather than a technical issue.

Nitration process and cooking are more or less similar to the current productions, changes are merely in the geometry of the notes and the ding. .

Thanks Jean for working with passion and dedication.
… And Thank you all for your attention. and Special Thx To Kappo for Sweet Translation. 🙂

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