Hello guys and happy to come back with another new Handpan maker from Spain.

I present today …Jaime Esquerdo and his Black Hole… A sweet guy coming from Spain… and from the first impression i fell good feeling and good enthusiasm to build handpan.  Thx to send me you Handpan to review.

He sent me one Protus named:  Black Hole Pan (by Jaime Esquerdo) (D) A3 Bb C4 D E F A. it’s the scale.

The shell is made by spinning and aren’t deep drawn shells … Personally i not love to much the Spinning Method but his  finals results it’s not bad…

The sound all around is quite balanced and the Ding and Hight note are powerful. The ding it’s to deep and is a pleasure play and have funny on it…. Anyway  i can fell many flicker and background noise.. the sound is not linear and some crossover coming out during fast play…. Of course it’s a early prototype and he need a lot work to increase the quality. The harmonics too is not perfect cleared and need work to fix it. I think the shell not help him to improve the quality.

The dynamic during play are quite good and it’s possible wave and surf on it… it’s Funny it’s funny 😀 but be careful: not to play it too loud and with strong movement or the sound ca go out range……

The shell are nitrate ( i think 🙂 ) but for any info Jaime can help all of us.

The surface is Smooth and pleasure to play and nice for go fast but the color is not so good and it have many spot around all pan…

Anyway Black Hole Pan is’t cool for all beginners pan player and it’s perfect for start to play handpan.

Here my 2 Impro Video recording by ZoomQ8 and 2 Shure PGA81.

I think the waiting list is not to big and maybe it’s easy collect one quite fast. About the price actually i think is 1200€ but for any info we need to ask to Jaime.

Jaime i can fell inside you  the force to follow the TOP PAN and i think you can do better and better in you early future.  i wish all my best and  Thx you for you help me with HcT Handpan Review.

Thx for all friends and follower…

Big Love ..

See you for the next review…


Alessio HcT Hangcare

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