Hello guys and sorry but the absence of festivals and working time is really short.

Today I’m excited to present a name already known in the community but that all Handpan not know him

His name is Yonatan and produces wonderful instruments in Israel, the land of the sun …From the first note I played I realized how wonderful this tool.

Already from the first note you realize the harmonious and sweet sound. So warm… so sweet… so cool…. The scale it’s absolutely amazing.. i want one… AHAHHE DaNaYo  is the scale E/ A B C D E F A B C so dramatically … so it’s perfect for me.. auauau

It ‘a pan that deserves attention and is day-to-day sonic discovery but it’s very balanced although occasionally resonates a bit ‘for my personal taste, not at all overbearing and all its resonance goes well with everything else. I mean all defect are super well covered all together .. Amazing … amazing..

Incredible dynamic too and it is a pleasure to play on it as skim the surface of a moving river. Also the color and the outside finished is really cool… of course not much important for me… The first need sound .. 😉

This is a great Toy for Older Nerds kids.. 😀 The attention to detail and a beautiful sound make it a handpan to have in the collections. No way… i want one soon 😀

Yonatan has a great future in front of him and deserves my full support because the result in such a short time is admirable and you are a lovely guy…

I don’t know about treatment or magic potions but the results it’s born from a wizard…..Price lists are not yet well established and is therefore preferable to contact him directly Here: yonatanbarr@gmail.com or Here

still more?.. Here my short Demo but.. anyway…Brother this track  is dedicated for you and Thx you for giving these works of art to the universe …

Big Love… Much Blessing…

Ciao Alessio

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