Hello Everybody, thanks again for being here everyday, encouraging me with hundreds of messages of appreciation and support… :-*

I’m honored by all of this and I will strive to keep my efforts going ;-)…..Today, I wanted to talk to you about a new and very young builder, who I think is truly promising.

He lives and builds in Germany, but is not very active on social media due to his reserved nature. Meeting Zach in Austria, i noticed that he had not only a great mind, but also a great soul, and is nonetheless a very humble person. Thank God for finding yet another lost brother… 😉

When he came to visit me at HcT we seized the opportunity to talk about his work, present and future. He arrived with a wonderful F#, a lullaby scale, very sweet and conceived in fact for his daughter… :-D, enjoyable to play not only for this reason.

What impressed me most with Zach is the fact that he experiments with metal alloys different from all other builders. At any rate, his current standard material is stainless steel. In fact, the total brilliance of sound, given by this type of metal has already been achieved.

It is no longer the mellow and gloomy sound of classic handpans but an overall louder and more brilliant sound. It’s like moving into a loft apartment, escaping from a dark cellar. 😀 don’t know if i’m making myself clear, hehehe. Obviously, this factors in with some styles, mostly in regards to hand pressure when playing.

It is an instrument that favors soft and light styles. It’s enough to just brush against the note and it sounds right away. The sensitivity of this instrument is incredible, simply by touching it lightly.

It is a meditative pan by all means. For me it is a discovery because it is completely different from all the others, and it’s very interesting to explore this new sound. The instrument is well structured and built, the color is perfectly even.

The touch is a little cold, due the material I think, but it is still soft and smooth. The notes are perfect and perfectly tuned. Nothing to complain. Its peculiarity is that it is very light and practical to carry about anywhere with no hassle.

It’ll be really cool inside my new Evatek Mini 😉 The sustain is beautiful and unbridled, and the dynamics and balancing of all the notes are truly worthy of a TOP PAN. Just like when I was talking about the RAV drum, which wasn’t a pan for my personal taste, i could say the same about this, but after years of hearing the same type of sounds, i like to explore new horizons and this one, just like the RAV drum, is a perfect one to start.

There is nothing missing from the Leaf handpan, rather, it has something that maybe only few handpans have at the moment. It doesn’t go out of tune and it doesn’t rust, but most of all, you can play it even under direct sunlight without the risk of damaging it. This may be the news many globe-trotter pan players were waiting for.

I spoke with Zach for hours and he explained to me how come his instrument is almost indestructible both in regards to tuning and rust and he asked me to make a video in which i would beat on the pan as powerful as possible trying to detune it..

At the end of Viagra Coupon Code – Get Free Discount Coupon for Viagra store. the video, I made a little test, beating on every note with all my might (trying not to break my fingers) and in fact, the tuning remained completely unfazed. I also verified this with some clients who own a Leaf and matter of factly they are all very happy, because it is an instrument that doesn’t need any care and maintenance.

This is really incredible and should be communicated better all around the community, given that detuning and rust is a common problem, felt in all of our community.

The price too is very interesting at about 1200€ – 1400€. Lists? At present, I don’t think he works with a waiting list but only on appointment directly in Germany where he is producing. Call him, make an appointment, and it will be a pleasure to meet him in person… At any rate, for further information please contact Zach & Leaf Handpan directly. Not me 😀 I said all on my side..

I will leave you now with the video and a big hug from the heart…

Ciao and see you at the next review… :-* Alessio Hangcare.

Thx for kind translation from David Hauser

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