HANDPAN HcT VideoReview ° °EchoSound Sculpture 2016-Golden Amara 7.C / G Bb C D

As usual, today I feel excited to present the long-awaited New Asachan 2016 ….

From the origin in 2013, with the 1st Generation, superb and unbelievable, 2014 and 2015 were years of reflection and experimentation to come out today with a stunning version and full of magic.

Today 2016, 4 years after its first creation, everything has changed and I can say that the direction taken is clearly better than in the past …

The first impression I had, when I saw the new Echo Sound Sculpture workshop, was to get in front of a close-knit team with an immense desire to grow and succeed in such an untapped market but at the same time competitive.

I saw a lot of work and a lot of professionalism in the way they work and refine their Pan and this gave me a great pleasure.

They have everything is needed to make extreme manufacturing handpan, research in sound and treat every nuance and particularity. I was so pleased to see San so motivated and full of passion and love for his work and I can only see a bright future ahead of them…But let’s talk about the instrument.

Echo Sound Sculpture – 

Golden Amara 7 -ESS 2016

C / G Bb C D Eb F G

Impro Track 2- Reverse Position. 

Starting from the color that is the first thing that catches the eye, we can see that is completely different from all past generations.

This Golden version is a version that should enter into Asachan collection in short time and will be proposed perhaps for all scales that Echo sound will offer in the near future.

However, for the moment, it is among the first in circulation and I can assure you that it’s really beautiful …. San asked me a sincere advice of how I find this new treatment, and after a careful assessment I found many improvements over the whole Black version.

The sound is warm yet ringing and present … The sustain is great and not too disruptive. In fact, the dynamics and control and balance are perfect and play this instrument is something sublime …

In addition to this he finely worked as a Carthusian to try UDU sounds, clay and wood and have in the same instrument an immense variety of sounds even non-metallic and out from the sounds of Handpan.

Really incredible work. Besides having these possibilities of action makes this pan really a comprehensive instrument for compositions of a certain level, a pan definitely dedicated to great musicians … not sure Me, who delight in short improvisations.

This is a pan which deserves further deep study and practice to reach a deadly tune without compromise.

The only flaw I can find is the weight. Because it’s made with 1,25mm thickness steel, the final weight is decidedly important.

Not all evil comes to harm, however, because using these thicknesses the pan is much more resistant to detuning and you can play it with more force than other instruments.

It will be a great Handpan for all buskers and street performances. . . . Obviously the tuning is perfect and if anyone still had doubts about the new quality of Echosound with this video will clarify ideas once and for all.

I want to avoid talking about price, I can only mention that the new generations will have a higher cost than in the past.

It ‘really a nice pan to play with every style and rhythm and are really proud to be its new owner … Welcome to the family GoldenAmara …:-D

Thanks again for your attention and See you soon for my Next Review …Big Bless and LOVE….

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Un abbraccio…Ciaoo…. Alessio Hangcare®

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