Hello guys and welcome back on our blog.

During my visit to the US I was lucky to try a new Halo -Batch  5- Feb-2016. Scale:  Cirrus Arboreal (Heb) B Bb Eb Db Gb Bb Eb B.

What to say ?? I was blown away by the wonderful handpan that I found myself facing.

6 years ago when I started to explore these instrument I always paused to dream in front of the many videos  from HALO batch 1-2-3… from the warm and enveloping sound and unmistakable timbre. …but after a few years the Halo are getting worse changed the sustain, dynamics and much more…

But is it really true that nothing is ever lost …This new batch 5 in fact it was for me a new discovery of a company that still works with professionalism and research in detail.

Thanks to  Raymond I had the chance to play a beautiful new batch generation 5. This Halo is full of sounds, full of dynamic, full of clear harmonics. A wraparound instrument as it was in the past.

The high notes are so bright that it is impossible to get tired of playing them. The deep bass are powerful and wrap you in a full 360 degrees.

There is little to say, and only to listen. So take your best headphones …. close your eyes and try to fly with me ….

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Thanks to the Pantheon Steel and Kyle to continue to create wonderful works of art……A special hug goes to our dear Jim Dusin and I dedicate this songs for  you .. now you can fly along around your creations.

Thanks for everything … R.I.P Jim..

Alessio Hangcare.

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