Hello guy and nice to see you Again… 😀

Taking the opportunity during the SUper Kabe visit I want share Today My private Zen Handpan Celtic Minor scale. It was built from Manny Guerrero USA CA in 2015 . Zen Website

Scale: (B) F#, A, B, C#, D, E, F#

The size and shape is quite Halo style and it’s quite heavy too. The surface is to soft and pleasure to touch and play too. Also the color is deep and good uniformity around all surface.

Easy to get rust it often need to protect with froglube Clp or similar product.

The shell are made all by Hand and Manny not use any mould or press the tuned field shell too.

During play i can fell inside pure passion and right construction too. Made by sweat and love… and i can touch inside every note and harmonic during play…. You can really go inside the sound and lost you soul around heavenly place. 🙂

The style for  play Zen would be different then play regular size Handpan, is to Big and the surface is to sensibile touch … he play everywhere around all pan and called Zen is  perfect for describe this pan. The best way to play i think is hear it during play and follow it with gentle movement and soft play.

It’s perfect for zen and healing music session, Yoga, Meditation class, …. but sure also for other use… but for play busking i think it’s to big and heavy and fragile too.

So no need to play fast or hard . and enjoy  Zen on silence place is amazing experience then street or crowded places

Also i’m more happy because Kabe try my Zen for him visit around Hct crew… Bro you are So COOLLL and was an amazing Experience…

Thx my bro and hope to meet you soon Again…

OK guys… STOP talk and I think is better leave space for some video.. better then read my Comic english. 😀

This Video was recording with Professional Studio Mic inside Studio Volta Recordings. LINK HERE Ciao … Big Love.. Blessing… Music…

Alessio Hangcare.

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