Hello guys nice to see again. A short review from my Meraki 1°Gen 2015- Nr-8 Mystic 8 🙂 . . .

I’m happy to share this Rare Meraki instrument, It’s a beginning from Jean and it’s special because it’s was made all by hand, also the shell … not used shellopan yet.

The instrument have some defect on hight note and it’s a prototype but i really love it…. The sound inside him imperfection is amazing and warm…. the ding is powerFull and play it is a great experience.

The volume is to hight and it’s perfect for busking too.

The shoulder tone around ding is full of perfect and balanced sound…

Here one video from Davide Swarup… Ciao broo see you soon…

Many Pan Player ask to swap it with many good pan but i ca’t accept because inside it i can feel a strong soul and amazing Passion…. so please no asck anymore to swap or sell it 😀 i CAN’T….

Here my last video from the same Panroom and same Recoding camera.

Of course no effect adding for video editing. My recording will be always on original recording and impro live.

Thx for the attention and i want wish a new Lovely incoming 2016…

See you Next Year 😉


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