Prato – Italy – Hct WareHouse  on Friday 20 November 2015

Hello guy i’m alessio from Hardcase Technologies. I want start my experiment today with a special visit inside HcT Pan room ..

About the experiment ? Sure… so easy, i want recording video  inside same PanRoom and same Camera ZoomQ8 and recording all different pan and scale that can i meet.

I’m also Lucky because every month i receive many visitor for different reason and i’m happy and glad to recording all handpan incoming to me, and it’s honor play and  explain my suggestion on different Scale and Maker.

I will use my Blog inside Hct Website , would become more easy for all of us follow my adventures.

Today Friday 20 November 2015  i had a pleasure to play with my Friend Nauhuel Ed From Spain. He goes to visit Jean (meraki) and after  he was come to visit me for play some Short Jam and imprinting some nice Vib around Universe.  I think it’s most important now… :-

Nauhuel came with Meraki F Equinox…. Amazing pan guys.… Sustain is little bit close because it’s really new one but WOWOW it have an amazing Harmonic…. It’s so sweet and warm, and the control is very very good… The surface and color is the quite same from all meraki that i saw to tried.

Scale ok it’s so famous scale and in F is so deep but also open for goo hight around the sky 😀

And finally surprise ?? F Equinox 9 and F Pigmy are amazing  between played…..!!!!  The Harmonic married all together like the star with the universe . it’s a full of different sound around all the room….. Amazing experience… JEAN…. Francois…. Equinox F para meeee…. For sure 😉

Here 2 video for better  explain my funny english. .

My friend Nau… thx for you short visit and i hope to see you for the next Hangout UK 😉

Enjoy with you Ferrari.

P.S: If some Pan Maker are interesting to have some review can contact me by Hct Website or FB community.

Stay tuned for the next Maker Review. 

Keep Calm and Play Music.


Alessio By HcT crew.

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