Ciao again from Alessio Hangcare.

Today I wanted to share my personal feelings about this new prototype from Marco Della Ratta, who makes the Disco Armonico (MDR).

Several months ago I suggested to Marco that he should try to hammer a few nitrided shells that Shellopan uses.

I present you with the final results from Marco’s latest work using those nitrided shells.

MDR Equinox scale. G-B-C-D-E-F#-G-B

My first impression was that the sound was very lovely…and the final timbre was so different compared to the shells Marco typically uses.

The sustain was better and the sound was warm.

This particular instrument is still not perfect and can use a little work with the harmonics but I know that can be improved easily.

I would be very happy if Marco used the Shellopan shells for his 2016 batch of MDR’s, would be a new level of sound, and MDR fans would really like the new sound.

I want to humbly thank Marco for agreeing to make an instrument with the new shells and I hope to see more MDR’s like this in the future.

Ciao bro and thank you for all your hard work.

Special thx for translation. Jeremy Dee.

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