Hello guys and happy to see all of us again.

Today i’d like to show my next experience with a fresh handpan maker. Simone Calabrese. He come from Italy, near Bergamo and he’s a really sweet guy. Big pleasure to meet him by live.

The instrument is called Soulpan . The scale tried is note: F) A C E F G A C Paradiso scale.

The material is shaped turned like Halo or BlessPan or similar. 1mm thickness.The size is like hang or bells , 50 cm Diameter and 22-23 cm Hight.

The sound is clear but no good sustain at the moment. Of course it come from first prototype and i think he have good opportunity to improve so fast and really sooner.

Soul pan have soul inside … nice name for the passion that i can fell inside that Handpan. Full of work and attention to improve the instrument.

The surface is like halo material but he told me want change shell soon as possible… so at the moment i can only test him tuned and shaped tunefield.

Harmonic 5°° and 8° note are tuned but need to be more clean.. That Iron material used from him not help to much. Of course it’s  nitrited like other handpan.

The Gu Side is not perfect tuned  but it’s really well done and is like panart GU… Lovely work.. bro

Price is not  to hight because he not ready to coming out on official way… At the moment i think about 500 max 800€ no more..

I’m so glad to play it and sure… i can fell some cool update soon..

Here some info about him.

soulpanhandpan.tk – Official FB Page.

Thx to Simone Calabrese and i hope to see you soon inside HcT PanRoom.

P.S: Camera, Audio  setting, room, style of play are always same for have the most real and same results.

Thx for attention and Enjoy my short video.

Ciao Alessio Hangcare®

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