Hello again :-)…. i need to review my personal Meraki because i really love it …

Short Info… F Pigmy Meraki Scale: F G Ab C Eb F G Ab C

Building Year: June 2015. Shell from shellopan and tuned and nitrated from Jean Francois.

I don’t make any presentation about the maker… all people know him but for new incoming pan player here all info from Meraki


Sound, control, sustain, harmonic, tuned… all is perfect… and it’s to hard find a defect inside this pan. Maybe sometime it have to much resonance, now is more open then was new one… but the sound resonance is perfect played all together also. Amazing pan… And i want thx to Jean to follow my request…. i can find all inside it… 😉

About waiting list ? It’s not easy enter inside a list now but we hope for new one next year 2016.

About price better ask directly to Jean Francois… I’m not here for selling meraki or other handpan.

I want share some cool video from this Meraki F pigmy… from me Big pleasure to had shared it around amazing Musician.

Thx for the Attention.


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